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Wisper E-Bike GPS Tracker And Alarm App, Plus Insurance And Recovery Service

Wisper E-Bike GPS Tracker And Alarm App, Plus Insurance And Recovery Service

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Product description

Wisper E-Bike GPS Tracker & Recovery With Full Replacement Backup Theft Insurance

Wisper Electric Bikes has partnered with Backpedal to provide an innovative system to safeguard your new ebike purchase. Completely unique to Wisper, our package integrates the Backpedal Tracker and Recovery service with our own Bluetooth beacon enabling you to locate your bike accurately should it ever be taken without your consent. This package also include backup insurance cover, should your bike be unable to be recovered. If this is the case, Wisper will provide you with a new electric bike within 24 hours.

What the package includes:

  • GPS Tracker fitted to your bike
  • Mobile app to track movement
  • Alerts you if bike is moved
  • Track exact location
  • Tracker powered by bike battery
  • If stolen, Backpedal agents recover your bike
  • If recovery cannot be made, Wisper supply a new bike!

When you order your Wisper bike, simply add this product to your basket, and we will do the rest.

  1. We fit a GPS tracker to your bike hidden away in the frame and connect it to the bike’s power supply. Only you will have the ability to track the bike’s movement. We will send you set-up instructions with the bike, it’s super easy, and we have experts a phone call away to help you if you have any difficulties.
  2. We fit a Bluetooth beacon to enable pinpoint location when in a few meters range if needed.
  3. We arrange your subscription to the BackPedal Bicycle recovery Service and the theft insurance for your bike.

How does it work?

If you are unfortunate enough to have your bike stolen, first… don’t worry, we’re there to help!

  1. Within a few seconds of your bike being moved an alarm will sound on your smart phone. (If activated on the App) Open the App and you will see your bike on a live map, you will see the speed and direction it’s travelling and where it’s been.
  2. You contact BackPedal through the App on your phone, and they will jump into action. They will ask you to share the tracking data with them by pressing a tab on your phone. They will ask for your name and postcode to identify you and your bike.
  3. A BackPedal agent close to your bike’s current position will immediately be sent to recover your stolen bike – they have agents all over the country. Recovery can take up to two weeks, but the average time taken to recover and reunite a stolen bike with its owner is under 24 hours. Remember 85% of all stolen bikes are recovered.
  4. If you are unlucky enough for your bike not to be bought back to you don’t worry, we will send you a new one, normally within 24 hours, we will even cover the delivery to your home.

Don’t want backup insurance? We also offer Wisper GPS Tracker & Alarm App without backup insurance

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