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Tick Remover Card by Life Systems

Tick Remover Card by Life Systems

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Introducing the Tick Remover Card by Life Systems; a credit card sized removal tool specially designed to help you keep your outdoor adventures tick-free. Lyme disease, transmitted by ticks, has become an increasing problem in Europe, and the last thing you want during any outdoor activity is for one of these parasites to get attached to you. This innovative tool makes it much easier to identify and remove ticks from yourself or others safely and easily.

The Tick Remover Card features two different sizes of tools, plus a magnifying lens, that allows you to see every detail. Its slim, credit-card size design means it will fit comfortably in any pocket, wallet or trail bag – so it’s always available when needed. With its weight of only 6g and small size of 3"x2", the card is so lightweight, portable and easy to use that you can carry it along with you on all your travels – keeping yourself safe and healthy regardless of where you’re going!

Get ready for your next adventure with Life Systems Tick Remover Card. It provides peace of mind while traveling that no matter what obstacles you may face – ticks won’t be one of them! 
  • A credit card sized tick remover which will fit in your wallet, pocket or trail bag
  • Lyme disease, transmitted via ticks, has become an increasing problem in Europe
  • Although preventative measures can be taken, occasionally ticks will attach themselves to you
  • The tick removal card has been designed to ensure the whole tick is removed safely
  • Featuring a magnifying lens and two different sizes removal tools for different sized ticksDimensions 85 x 54mm
  • Weight 6g

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