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Muck-Off Bike Protect 500ml

Muck-Off Bike Protect 500ml

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When it comes to caring for your beloved bike, why take a chance when there'sMuck-Off Bike Protect available? This is the ultimate liquid bicycle protection product, designed to repel water, prevent dirt adhesion and reduce friction, wear and energy consumption. With a perfect ‘all over’, after-wash corrosion inhibitor due to its extremely high oil content and other effective ingredients, Bike Protect maintains and preserves your bike like nothing else on the market!

Not only will Bike Protect drive out moisture and leave a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain, metal parts and paintwork, it will also reduce future maintenance time. Just spray it onto your chain to drive out moisture before applying one of Muc-Off's brilliant chain lubes. With Bike Protect, you can trust your bike is safely protected from corrosion and enjoy an incredibly smooth ride.

Stop taking chances with your investment and trust Bike Protect to keep your bike in the best condition. Experience unbeatable bicycle protection, preservation and power reduction with Muck-Off Bike Protect today!


*Just remember not to apply Bike Protect to your tyre treads and braking surfaces!

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