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Muc-off Silky Suspension Serum 100ml

Muc-off Silky Suspension Serum 100ml

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Transform your ride with the cutting-edge performance of MUC-OFF SILKY SUSPENSION SERUM. Engineered for the elite cyclist who demands nothing but the best, our serum is your ticket to an effortlessly smooth and ultra-responsive suspension experience.

Key Features & Benefits

Ultimate Smoothness

Crafted for supremacy, the Silky Suspension Serum is your secret weapon to achieving suspension that glides with unparalleled grace. The silicone-infused formula works tirelessly to diminish friction between wiper seals and stanchions. This not only ensures a silky smooth ride but also significantly enhances small bump sensitivity, providing you with an unrivalled riding experience.

Prolonged Protection

Our serum is more than just a lubricant; it's a safeguard for your gear. The high-grade silicone oil creates a resistant barrier on anodised coatings, filling minute crevices to thwart the accumulation of harmful particles that can wear down your suspension system over time. By preventing the formation of a grinding paste, our serum extends the longevity of your components and keeps your suspension performing flawlessly ride after ride.

Repels Dirt and Grime

With MUC-OFF SILKY SUSPENSION SERUM, cleanliness comes standard. Our innovative formula not only lubricates but also repels much (k) and filth, ensuring that your suspension remains pristine. By shielding against contaminants, we minimise the risk of debris encroaching upon the wiper seals and compromising your fork oil and ride quality.

Tailored for Precision

We understand that every second and every stroke counts. That’s why we've engineered our serum for straightforward, direct application, allowing for precise targeting without wastage. With the race enthusiast in mind, our serum ensures that your equipment receives only the best care, quickly and efficiently.

High-Performance Formulation

Designed as the flagship product of our new Technical Series range, this suspension fluid boasts an elevated silicone content compared to our standard sprays. This results in an ultra-low friction surface that doesn't just promise, but delivers maximum performance.

Whether you're gearing up for a race or setting out for a challenging trail, MUC-OFF SILKY SUSPENSION SERUM is the definitive choice for superior suspension care. Experience the difference with every push of the pedal. Give your bike the luxurious treatment it deserves with the serum that is trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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