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Max Suspension Spray Aerosol - 9 oz / 270 ml

Max Suspension Spray Aerosol - 9 oz / 270 ml

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When your bike's fork stanchions become dry and unresponsive, it can be frustrating. You may find that your fork loses travel, rebound is slow, and the ride feels stiff. But never fear! Max Suspension Spray is here to give you an efficient solution to this problem.

Max Suspension Spray is made with room-temperature-vulcanizing polysiloxane to fight stiction and advanced fluoropolymers to condition and protect o-rings and rubber seals. Not only will it reduce stiction on any surface, even those that are coated, but it will also keep both your forks and bike in top notch race ready condition.

Reignite the power of your bike's suspension with the help of Max Suspension Spray – perfect for restoring your fork's back performance by reducing its stiction quickly, enabling a smoother and quieter ride for all terrains. In addition to its efficiency in solving stiction problems, Max offers protection from external wear through its conditioning properties so you won't need to worry about repeatedly repairing or replacing worn out parts.

Don't wait any longer - try Max Suspension Spray today and get back out there and enjoy riding like a champ again!

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