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Lumos KickStart Helmet

Lumos KickStart Helmet

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Introducing the Lumos Kickstart Helmet, the perfect addition to any bike rider's life. Awarded as one of the best smart commuter helmets on the market, this helmet not only serves well in protection but also ensures you can safely navigate the roads and highways while riding your bike.

Thanks to 500 lumens of output, LED modules that provide 360° coverage, and rear orange indication signals, indicating a left or right turn by simply pressing the corresponding button on the band-mounted signal switch, motorists will know where you’re headed and that you’re approaching no matter what angle you enter from. Stay safe with a rechargeable battery that lasts between 3-8 hours, depending upon the mode selected.

The Lumos Kickstart's innovative technology doesn't end there: Activate the automatic brake lights for added safety benefits by warning traffic behind you when you're coming to a hard stop. And don't worry about compatibility; this helmet is certified for e-bike use and integrates seamlessly with Apple Watch, allowing you to use your watch to indicate which way you are going!

Make cycling easier, safer and smarter than ever with Lumos Kickstart Helmet - changing our journeys one pedal at a time.


In default flashing mode, with the automatic brake light turned off, our helmet can last up to 6 hours. It will last up to 3 hours in solid mode (but for higher visibility and battery life, we recommend it stay in flashing mode). 

With our Lumos app, you can adjust your light settings to achieve your desired battery life. The battery lasts up to 18 hours in our most power-saving light mode. 

If the automatic brake lights are turned on, the battery life will last around 1-2 hours, even on the lowest sensitivity setting. Please check to ensure that your automatic brake lights are off for the longest battery life.

To switch between modes of your helmet, simply press the power button once when the helmet is already on.

The approximate time it takes to charge your helmet is around 2 hours.

It'll take approximate 1.5 hours to charge your remote.

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