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eCare Maintenance Spray kit for E-bikes

eCare Maintenance Spray kit for E-bikes

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eCare Maintenance Spray kit


Are you looking for easy maintenance solutions for your e-bike? Then look no further! eCare Maintenance Spray for e-bikes is just what you need. This handy kit contains all the essential products you need to keep your e-bike running smoothly.

Connection Spray is a specially formulated product to clean and protect all electrical components of your e-bike, including the battery and electronic gears. The jet spray is easy to use, and gives you direct application so your bike looks as good as new.

Dirt and grime can be easily removed from your e-bike drivetrain with the waterless chain degreaser spray. The spray will remove excess oil, so you can reapply our Chain Lubricant Spray to get the best performance out of your bike.

Our Foam Cleaner Spray is perfect for cleaning the frame, handlebars, cranks, wheels, and forks. It’s acid and solvent-free, so no harm will be done to your bike or the environment.

Chain Lubricant Spray is perfect for maintaining the drivetrain and moving parts of your e-bike. This superior lubricant will increase the performance and lifespan of your drivetrain by preventing corrosion.

Finally, our Wax Polish Spray will give you a glossy, showroom-ready finish. This high-quality wax blend coats the frame and repels water and dirt so your bike is always looking fresh and clean.

Our eCare Maintenance Spray for e-bikes is the perfect solution for making sure your e-bike receives the best possible care - and making sure you ride in style!

  • 150ml Connection spray
  • 150ml Chain degreaser
  • 150ml Foam cleaner
  • 150ml Chain lube spray
  • 150ml Wax polish spray

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