Car vs E-bike For The Commuter

Car vs E-bike For The Commuter

Many motorists are leaving their cars at home in favor of an E-bike. This is because they have started seeing the many benefits of E-bike riding. Even though a car takes no effort and is more comfortable during a commute, riding an E-bike often trumps driving.


In this article, we will compare travelling with an E-bike and by car.


Electric Bikes Are Often Faster


If you have to travel on a motorway, you obviously can't use an electric bike. However, if your commute takes you through urban areas, you can often reach your destination much more quickly on an E-bike than in a car.


This is because an electric bike can take a much more direct route. You get to use cycle lanes and shortcuts while the cars are stationary or just crawling through town. Most electric bikes are restricted to a top speed of 25 km/h, which you can achieve for the majority of your ride. Whereas cars very rarely get anywhere near this speed through a congested town.




Depending on your circumstances, riding an electric bike can be way more convenient than driving a car. For example, one of the most significant advantages of riding an electric bike is that parking is much easier than with a car, and you don't have to pay for your parking space. You can simply lock your bike outside your workplace, or even take it inside with you.


If you need to carry lots of things with you, you can ride a cargo e-bike designed for heavy loads or may be able to fit everything you need onto a cargo rack.


It is more convenient to recharge an electric bike than to put fuel in a car. You can charge your bike's battery at home or work without waiting at the petrol station when you are in a rush, and with the modern battery technology some e-bikes now have over 120 miles range from a single charge.




Electric bikes may seem expensive to buy; however, they are much cheaper to buy than a car. Cars are much more costly to run due to maintenance costs, tax insurance and fuel. And in the UK you can take advantage of the cycle to work scheme that can save on average between 32-42% on the cost of your e-bike and accessories like helmets and locks. Give us a call or drop by our store and we will fill you in on how this works.


You can fully charge an electric bike's battery for about 6p, which, depending on your journey, can last weeks. The typical price of a commute in the UK is £5, and when you add £5 for parking, the costs soon add up.


Of course, you still need to maintain your electric bike. Still, it is significantly less expensive than keeping a car running all year.


Electric Bikes Are Better For Your Well-being


Riding a bike through a town is much more fun than sitting in traffic. It is an excellent start to your day as it is good for your mental and physical health. It puts you in a good mindset for when you arrive at work, but your journey home is also a great stress reliever.


Even though you're peddling is assisted by an electric motor, you still get good exercise, increasing your daily activity level and improving your health.

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