10 Reasons To Buy An Ebike

10 Reasons To Buy An Ebike


10 Reasons To Buy An Ebike

Electric bikes in the past decade have come a very long way. We see more and more on the road daily, and they are widely accepted in cycling clubs and groups everywhere. When they first were released, experts said they are the future of cycling, and they couldn’t have been more correct.

What a lot of people don’t understand is how good an electric bike can be. A huge number of people are selling their cars and turning to pedal power for a better lifestyle. In this article, we'll tell you ten reasons you might want to invest in an electric bike and join the movement. 



What is an Electric Bike?

Before we start, many of us don’t know what an ebike is. An electric bike, also known as an ebike, is a bicycle that is equipped with a motor and battery. Ebikes are a great form of transport as they allow cyclists to travel longer distances and tackle challenging hills without breaking a sweat. They offer amazing convenience and are very environmentally friendly. 

They can also be used for leisure, recreation, and work purposes. They are easy to use, and it takes only minutes to get the hang of an ebike. The electric motor on the bike can be controlled by either pedaling or throttle (Throttle only for use off road), and some come with excellent features such as motor walk assist, lighting and even USB phone charging. 

A great feature of many electric bikes is the walk assist. This feature when turned on sends a small amount of power to the motor to assist you walking with the bike. It’s excellent because it helps you get the bike up kerbs and over rough or sandy terrain easily. 

E bikes come in all different shapes and sizes. They can look like a regular bike, a traditional bike, and you even get electric mountain bikes for your local trails.


Reasons to buy an Ebike

There are many reasons you should buy an electric bike. To not take up too much of your time, here are our top ten;

They are easy to ride

The first thing we love about electric bikes is they are so easy to ride. A lot of cyclists enjoy electric bikes more than traditional bikes, as they are much more fun to take on a bike ride compared to regular bikes. Electric bikes work in two ways, either on a throttle or pedal assistance. 

A throttle is where you will have a switch on the handlebars to push, and it sends power from the battery into the motor, propelling you forward. Using a throttle is only legal off-road in the UK. 

Then we have pedal assistance. This is where you set the level of assistance you want and when you start pedaling, the bike will send power from the battery to the motor. When you stop pedaling or start braking, it will cut the motor out. 

An e bike is typically heavier and has a low center of gravity. They are easy to control and generally handle very well, as many come equipped with larger tires suitable for all different types of terrain. 


 They are cost-effective

As we mentioned before, many people have sold their cars and gone to bikes because it’s a huge saving. In modern-day times where things are getting more expensive, you can save thousands each year by using a car less or getting rid of it altogether. 

An electric bike typically costs about 10p or less to charge. Yes, it’s that low, and some bikes can take you as far as 130 miles on a single charge. As far as motor transport goes, nothing compares to the value and ability of an electric bike.

You also make a huge saving when it comes to servicing. Unlike cars which each year you typically allow £500 to £1000 for maintenance and MOT. For a bike, you're probably looking at around £100 to £200, and that's for basic parts such as brake pads, a chain, or maybe a cassette.

They are convenient

Electric bicycles are very convenient forms of transport. When it comes to storing them at home, they take up little to no space and can be wheeled around a house or flat easily, not getting in the way. An excellent bike that takes up very little space is the Mate City.

You will also find them to be ideal when it comes to parking. If you plan a trip to town, there are many places to keep your bike, and you never struggle to find a parking space. With many towns and cities heavily investing in cycling infrastructure, it couldn’t be easier. 

Another great feature that makes an electric bike convenient is that it can be charged anywhere. Many commuters now head into work, charge their bike while working, and then return home with more than enough power to spare. 



They are Versatile

Many of our customers often say they got much more use out of their electric bike than they originally thought. That’s because electric bikes don’t just have one single purpose. They can be used for a huge amount of different activities such as;

  • Commuting to work
  • Visits to friends and family
  • Leisure riding and social cycling events
  • Exercise and mobility purposes
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Cycle touring and bikepackin


Most electric bikes get used much more than people think, as the more you use a bike, the more you find it can help and be useful in day to day life. 



They are excellent for your health

Health professionals often recommend electric bikes. They help you exercise at a level you feel comfortable, and they also have many other benefits that even traditional bikes struggle to keep up with.

Cycling is a great form of low-impact exercise, meaning it doesn't put too much pressure on the joints and can be done for long periods of time. Providing your putting effort in it will increase your strength.

Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes blood flow and can help you towards a healthy heart. You will also find it can help improve flexibility, reduce stress, and even help release endorphins that make you feel happy. 



They’re environmentally friendly

Electric bikes are a very clean and sustainable form of transport. Unlike cars and motorbikes, they do not produce harmful emissions when being used. They do not create air pollution, which is a major concern for many cities. 

As they do not use petrol, they help reduce greenhouse gasses. Also, the more electric bikes on the road, the less traffic for cars means less pollution from cars being in traffic jams stationary and not being used. 

With the world having a big push to reduce carbon footprint, the bike is a very positive step in the right direction, and the more we use them and set an example, the better for everyone. 

They are excellent for hilly areas and longer rides

A very interesting fact is that most people think hilly areas produce the best cyclists. When actually, it's the complete opposite. Many people who live in very hilly places struggle to get started with cycling and don’t bother trying it. An electric bike has the ability to give you all the power you need to get you up a hill, no matter what level of fitness you may be starting at. 

Many long-distance cyclists also turn to an electric bike for assistance to go further on their rides without feeling they have to suffer to do so. A great example of a bike that can help with long distances is the Centros, which can go up to 130 miles on a single charge with low power assistance. Ebike riders do get the advantage over cyclists with a normal bike because of the bike's battery and motor.

Great for people with physical limitations or mobility issues

Electric bikes are an excellent tool for people who want to cycle with friends and family but lack mobility. With many bikes having a throttle or offering high levels of assistance, people who might not have been able to ride easily now can.

This is excellent as it offers people with less mobility a great experience, but it also means they can ride without feeling they are holding others back or slowing a group down. You will even see recumbent electric bikes, tricycles, and many other forms of easy-access bikes becoming available.


They are very social

Cycling has always been a very social sport. You will find many groups of amazing people who share their passion for electric bikes online. There are events all over the world offering you the opportunity to meet new people.

A question we are often asked is, are you allowed to enter cycling sportives on electric bikes? It is widely accepted all over the world for people to enter non-competitive rides on electric bikes. It makes them much more interesting as it opens so many people up to riding routes they might not have been able to before. 

They are an excellent way to commute

Commuters in towns and cities heavily use electric bikes. They have the ability to let you travel far without you breaking a sweat. You can pass traffic in cycle lanes, and many studies have shown people were more productive at work after a ride in.

Electric bikes are designed with lots of extras to help commuters, such as lighting, carrying racks, and even USB chargers to keep everything charged. We believe the best use of many electric bikes is to commute. 



Electric bikes are the future, and we constantly see them transform people's daily lives. If you are interested and want to buy an e bike, we highly recommend investing in one. If you are unsure, then you always have the option to rent a bike from us as well. 

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